Recovering from outplacement issues with the right personal coaching

Hey, it happens: companies downsize. Given how fast our economy is morphing and changing, you really can’t say that there is such a thing as a ‘secure’ job anymore. ‘Stable jobs’ that used to be the lifeblood of small towns across America are regularly being shipped overseas thanks to outsourcing. Jobs that used to be done inhouse are now farmed out to firms across the state or even to freelancers across the country. The good news is that this all part of a fast-evolving economy and just because jobs are being lost, doesn’t mean that new jobs are being created. In fact, many of the future’s jobs haven’t been created yet-that’s how fast the economy is evolving. Many downsizing companies are trying to make the lay off transition process  easier on their employees by making outplacement services available. Keep the tips below in mind on how you can take full advantage of outplacement services to help you not only land on your feet but come back stronger than ever.

It is not the end-it really isn’t

The natural reaction many people have to outplacement counselors and transition coaches is that these guys are just there to cushion the foot that will kick them out of the door. In many people’s minds, once the outplacement coaching process is over, they are facing long periods of unemployment. In other words, they think outplacement just heralds the end of their careers. Well, the truth is the end can only come about if you want it to happen. How? If you choose to believe that outplacement is just an empty ritual on your way to the poor house and long-term unemployment, you are welcome to do  that. However, if you look at the outplacement process as a free company-subsidized opportunity to beef up your skills so you can compete better in a fast-changing economy, you will definitely end up in a better place and frame of mind. Depending on your frame of mind and the attitude you choose, outplacement, far from heralding the end, can actually be ushering in a new golden era for your career.

In it to learn it

Outplacement is all about guidance and  inspiration. Sure, there are a lot of valuable career search and positioning skills you’ll get from the process such as career evaluation, helping you write better resumes, preparing for an interview, establishing career search networks, and developing targeted job search skills, but it is more than these goal-oriented skills. Above all else, the personal or group counseling you get in the outplacement process is all about restoring your confidence in yourself. Remember, you cannot keep a good person down unless the person wants to get down. It really is as simple as that. A person who has everything to live for won’t necessarily want to live unless that person has something to live from. The valuable personal or group coaching you get in the outplacement process helps you reorient your internal compass and rediscover that spark provided you with that internal push that fueled your career so far.

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