Outplacement is the beginning of a new phase in your career

Many people view the whole outplacement process as a terrible turn in their career. Some even consider it as the end of their career. While the stress levels that attend the whole process of downsizing, corporate layoffs, and offshoring are definitely high, they don’t have to be. You have to remember that you have a lot of choice as to how you would want to respond to stresses you encounter. You can choose to get run over by circumstances, or you can choose to regain control. And nothing exemplifies this more than the outplacement process. The great thing about this process is that your former company is footing the bill for helping you get the career counseling, career assessment, job search assistance, and job search skills you need to land on your feet. You can choose to just go through the process and not take it seriously, or you can look at the whole thing as a giant opportunity. The truth is, you will have to get out there and look for a job anyway. The good news is that your old employer is giving you resources to help you find a new job. You can get expert help to do something you will have to do anyway, or you can choose to just drift through the whole outplacement process and decide to get your act together later. Your choice.

You control your response

Job loss is one of the bigger causes of stress people have in their lives. Almost everyone will have to confront this issue at one point or other in their lives. However, what separates those who land on their feet or bounce to even greater heights is their attitude. Sure, you have probably heard ‘positive mental attitude’ repeated so much that you have gotten sick of it. Sure, you might say that people who keep repeating the need for positivity aren’t going through tough times themselves. But after you go through all that negativity, you will have to go through the process of finding a job anyway so why not start the process now. Why not approach the situation from a perspective of control? By taking control of your response and by embracing the outplacement process, you are setting yourself up for future victories and successes. It is completely up to you whether this phase of your career is the end or just the beginning of a whole new amazing chapter. You control your response. Choose wisely.

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